Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Aw, Shucks (and WFC, too)

Over on the blog, John Klima says some flattering things about me on his way to making some cogent observations about our mutual favorite convention, World Fantasy Convention.

It's true, I do bang on and on about WFC being the hub around which my year turns, constantly. I also referred to it more than a few times this year as a "calendrical Disneyland, the Happiest Time of the Year." That one didn't catch on as well, I think. Still, I think that Graham Joyce takes home the ribbon for most apt description of the con.

A few years ago in Madison, giving a few words at the World Fantasy Awards banquet in his capacity as one of the guests of honor, Graham referred to World Fantasy as a kind of Brigadoon, a community that emerged from the mists once a year for four days, only to fade away again at the close of the weekend. Much better than a "calendrical Disneyland," no? That's why he's the guest of honor and I'm just a drunk in the bar, folks.

Plus I have a typical kick-ass photo of you. I was looking through photos and I found a few that show you last year without the tie early in the evening and then with the tie later on.
If you can find a picture of me with that tie on in which my eyes aren't half-lidded and I'm not leaning to one side at a 45 degree angle, I'll be amazed...
Nope, they all look like this.
Somehow, I am not surprised. That night at last year's WFC was the main reason why I was in "training" in the two weeks before WFC this year, gradually increasing my daily allotment of alcohol from my typical one-glass-of-red-wine a night over the course of two weeks to two glasses and then three and finally a whole bottle a night, so that I'd be in fine drinking fettle come WFC.

I've now successfully stepped back down to one glass a night--and no cigarettes--so I might just survive another 11 months to enjoy next year's WFC.
Wow, I think I should adopt that kind of training myself. It was real hard giving up smoking again after WFC, and in fact I'm still having a few here and there - but they're all from the "Con packs", so once I'm finished with those, no more until the next con. Or, at least, that is what I tell myself.
After anywhere from a month to a few months of not smoking before a con, it's actually easier than you'd think for me to stop again afterwards, if only to give my lungs and sinuses a chance to recover a bit! I smoked (and drank) through the election, to get through all my anxieties over the results, but since then I've been clean and sober. Until the next con, that is... or the next holiday, or next bit of good news, or next bit of bad news, et cetera, et al...
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