Friday, October 10, 2008


Mission: Magic

How have I never heard of this before?

Floyd Bishop over on the Frederator Studios Blog links to the opening sequence of a mid-70s cartoon that somehow completely escaped my notice at the time.
Long before he wished that he had Jessie’s girl, Rick Springfield was the star of his own cartoon, called “Mission:Magic”. The show was produced by Filmation, and was supposed to cement Rick’s place as a teen idol.

The cartoon was a strange premise: a teacher uses a cat sculpture and a magic chalkboard to transport her and her students to another dimension, where they meet Rick Springfield travel through time and space, solving mysteries along the way.

The show aired in the US from 1973 through 1975, even though there were only 16 episodes created.

Clearly, it was no "Human Touch," but then what is?


Just, wow. I've never heard of this either.

However, it is available on Netflix. I am going to have to add these to my queue...
"However, it is available on Netflix."

You're kidding!

I'll be damned, it is! Okay, I've just added it to my queue, as well. I'm sure it'll be perfectly horrible, but curiosity must be satisfied.
OK, Netflix is going to be confused by the sudden demand for this show... *adds to queue as well*
This could be an interesting experiment, to see which of us gets it first. Of course, considering the quality of some of the other Filmation cartoons of the time, that might not be so lucky, at that.
This one I watched when it was on! (at least whenever they showed it here some time afterwards, anyway)

A few years ago I was trying to remember what the hell it was, and finally tracked it down.

Definitely odd.
By the way, the odd doesn't end there. I think this was related to another cartoon, with the Brady Bunch. Also had a magic animal, and also guest stars like Wonder Woman and the Lone Ranger.

Batman was in Scooby Doo I think. Bit hard to remember after all this time.
Interesting. Filmation did do the Lone Ranger and "Brady Kids" cartoons at that time (and might it have been Isis instead of Wonder Woman that you're remembering?).
Pretty sure not. Think the first time I saw Isis was live action.
In fact, Wikipedia, source of much arcane cartoon lore says my memory seems ok, after a search or two. :)

Another childhood mystery solved. :)
Well, I'll be damned!
Yep, you'd stuff a lot of people up in a trivia quiz with that Wonder Woman bit.

Can't get the theme song out ... of ... my ... head ...
True story: I watched this pretty faithfully when I was very small, then forgot about it and would eventually come to think I must've imagined the whole thing.

Then in my early teens, I became a hardcore Rick Springfield fan. (Don't laugh -- he's a much better guitarist and songwriter than is commonly acknowledged, and he puts on a truly kick-ass concert!)

Finally, in my mid-30s, I somehow run across the DVDs that you're all reserving on Netflix and I'm amazed that this vaguely recalled phantasm of youth was, in fact, my true introduction to my main music man. Weird, eh?
Jason, in 1983 I was a huge Rick Springfield fan, myself.
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