Thursday, October 02, 2008


Iron Jaw and Hummingbird

Hey look, internets. I appear to have written another book. And it's in stores now (and online, too, for that matter).

This is another of those Celestial Empire things I keep writing. If you've enjoyed any of them, you might well like this one. And if you didn't like them, who knows? Maybe this one will ring your bell.

Amazon just shipped mine, so I'll probably get it on Monday after I get back from Fencon

Looking forward to it...I've been reading a bit more YA lately
I hope it doesn't disappoint, Howard. And have a great time at Fencon!
Hey - big congratulations!
Very cool, I was just thinking, today in fact "When is Iron Jaw an Hummingbird coming out?" Oh, and over at Amazon the page says there are only two left in stock, pretty cool.
Thanks, guys!

And hopefully, Greg, that doesn't just mean that they only stocked two copies!
Should I look for this in the science fiction section or in the YA section? I think I remember reading that the protagonists are teenagers, but I could be wrong...
I think the YA section is your best bet, Bill. Might depend on the store, but that's how the book is being marketed.
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