Thursday, October 23, 2008


Free Fiction: "Mirror of Fiery Brightness"

My new Celestial Empire novelette that's Subterranean Magazine has been serializing, "Mirror of Fiery Brightness", is now complete. If you were waiting for the serialization to wrap up to start reading, the wait is over. (If you were waiting for some other trigger to start, you're on your own.)


Nice. I look forward to reading it. I'm thinking about digging around and picking up all the Celestial Empire stories that are out there, I think the Dragon's Nine Sons had a list in the back, in lieu of a collection, which I hope to one day see (although I'd prefer a van Helsing collection, those are really great stories.
Anyway, the beauty of alternate history is that it gives you so many options, for you, the Celestial Empire is a way to tell stories in their world, for Kim Stanley Robinson The Years of Rice and Salt was an extended essay, Jo Walton's Farthing/Ha'Penny/Half A Crown are sort of in the middle ground.
Dear Lord, my comments are getting longer these days....
You won't get any complaints about long comments from me, Greg!

But I think you're right about alternate history, and perhaps it's even more flexible in terms of the uses to which it can be put than any other sf subgenre. Mmmm, something to think about.

But a Celestial Empire collection is inevitable at some point, rest assured. (The three Van Helsing stories are actually the first three chapters of a novel, Travel Towards the Sunrise, that I'm sure I'll get around to finishing sooner or later. And thanks for the kind words!)
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