Friday, October 17, 2008


Fin Fang Four!

Want to close out your week with some really good news?
Marvel Entertainment is launching more never before seen digital comic titles exclusively for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers.



There was a time when giants walked the Earth! Monstrous creatures! Products of science gone MAD!!! But what happens when some of these terrible titans try to play nice? Find out as Googam, Elektro, Gorgilla and the purple-pantsed Fin Fang Foom himself do the unthinkable and become functioning members of society. Well, not TOO functional…creators Scott Gray and Roger Langridge welcome back Marvel’s favorite enfants terribles in five gut-busting stories sure to unleash the Marvel Monster within!

Did you catch that?

Fin Fang Four!

The previous collaborations between Roger Langridge and Scott Gray on Fin Fang Foom and company have been some of the best stuff published by Marvel Comics since... well, since ever. This news just might be enough to get me interested in Marvel's digital comics service.

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