Thursday, October 09, 2008


Aquabats! Supershow!

I completely missed this when it appeared online this summer. An excerpt from a pilot for an Aquabats show, entitled (appropriately enough) the Aquabats! Supershow!.

Here's the description from the YouTube posting:
Boing Boing tv's sneak-preview of a television pilot, the AQUABATS! SUPERSHOW!, a live-action and animation program featuring the popular superhero ska band, The Aquabats.

Jon Berrett of Yo Gabba Gabba explains:

"This spring the Aquabats completed a pilot for a new television show based on the misadventures of rock and roll's greatest super dude men. The Aquabats have been a band for over a decade, have toured the world, and put out 5 full length studio albums."

The excerpt we are world-premiering on BBtv today is an animated portion of the show's first episode, and includes angry mushrooms, vengeful unicorn princesses, and a subterranean paradise with lakes of hot pink lava. The AQUABATS! SUPERSHOW! also includes live performance and real-world hijinks. We think it's pretty awesome.
How awesome is that?

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