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Hey, internets. How was your weekend? (I know it's Tuesday, but I couldn't work up the will to post anything on Monday, so sue me.) We spent all day Friday getting ready for the wrath of Ike to descend on us, but ended up not getting a drop of rain here in Austin. It was crazy windy on Saturday, though, so the family headed down to the park for a bit of kite flying. Georgia, who has never flown a kite and has insisted for months that she Had To Fly A Kite Right Now!, was content to watch me fly her new Hello Kitty kite, while she ran around on the ground underneath, watching it. Within half an hour she was bored silly and toddled off to the swings. Then it was off to Home Depot to buy a bunch of bags of sand to make a makeshift sand box in the backyard. (In the decades since I last bought sand at a hardware store for a sandbox, they've actually developed play sand, which comes premoistened in the bag. How nice is that?)

We had a couple of "evacuees" from Houston come and stay for a few days, though, Allison's mother and one of her friends, so we didn't completely escape the effects of Ike. They headed back yesterday, loaded up with coolers full of ice and food, hoping that the power will be back on by the time they got home. Or the water. Or both, for preference.

I sent off the second script for Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love to Vertigo yesterday, and today dive into the rewrites on Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II. I'm a third of the way through DM Cornish's second Monster Blood Tattoo book, Lamplighter, and loving it, and also rereading of Mike Mignola's Hellboy and related series, both of which I'll probably be doing book reports on in the near future.

So what have you nice people been up to?

Had a nice dinner with my Girlfriend's family on Friday. Finally got around to reading The Ultimates hardcover collection and overall enjoyed it, though a disturbed (deeply on some levels I am beginning to realize) at the human side of things Millar put into the Ultimate versions of some of the characters. And stayed up until 5am Monday morning compiling and completing the outline for a novel I will start work on soon. Not a good thing to do when you have to be at your day job three hour later, but we had to get it to the licensor on Monday, so...
I've been meaning to revisit those Ultimates collections, myself. But I do remember it suggesting a fairly dim view of human nature, at that.

That's terrific news about the novel, though! What's the license, if you can say?
Hey, cool, DM Cornish's editor is a really good friend of mine. He keeps trying to get me to read it but I haven't gotten around to it yet....
Jen, I read the first book last year and raved about it. I think it's shaping up to be one terrific series, to say nothing of being an almost unparalleled bit of world-building.
We're announcing it in the next month or two, so I won't announce publicly, but I'll email you the name. It's pretty cool, I think we have a good story, and it's something that's been out of the spotlight for a while so it's due.
I read half of the Ultimates hardcovers and really loved, but haven't made it back to finish it (which is true for so many things). Would be a great basis for an Avengers movie though.
Well, Lou, in a way they already have.
Yeah, knew about this, but heard it was toned down/tamed, which spoils what's great about it. It's still in the Netflix que but not near the to
I finally finished Kage Baker's The Sons of Heaven on Friday night - after 12 days! Highly satisfying ending to the series.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to dealing with the remnants of Tropical Storm Lowell and Hurricane Ike as we got dumped on in NW Indiana. Oh, and my algebra homework. The joys of being in college again after 14 years...
I watched it, Lou. It's okay, not great, but probably one of the better direct-to-DVD Marvel offerings.
The Company series really holds together nicely, doesn't it, Justin?

But algebra homework?! I don't think I could hack it!
I will definitely watch it at some point. Thanks.
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