Wednesday, September 03, 2008


MIND MELD: How Do Media Tie-In Novels Affect SF/F?

I've participated in another of SF Signal's "Mind Meld" round-table discussions, this one on the topic, "How do you think media tie-in novels affect the genre of sf/f?"

Of all the answers, I think I like William C. Dietz's the best. But many of the respondents, myself included, seem to be singing from the same hymn book: "media tie-ins = new readers for sf/f = good"

Of course, not everyone agrees (and respondent Alan Beatts and I have had this discussion before, and I know we will again, though admittedly my position on the matter keeps changing). Check out the link above to see the range of responses, all well worth considering.

I liked your answer very much. Well said. And such a different answer than you would have given a few years ago. ;)
If it weren't for media tie-in novels (namely Star Trek), I doubt I ever would have gotten into reading scifi/fantasy at all.
Yes, Jen, and I have you to thank for pushing me down that slippery slope, I think.

So, thanks!
Angela, I think that's true of more sf/f readers than some of the respondents might imagine.
I think I would have eventually found my way to the SF field, but the Star Trek tie-in books certainly helped a lot...and I had a shelf full of Alan Dean Foster's movie tie-ins at one time.

For those who don't eventually move on to other works, I doubt that they were going to read deeply in the field anyway.
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