Thursday, September 25, 2008


Haaretz's Forthcoming Books List

My friend Rani Graff (who is, coincidentally, the publisher and chief editor of Graff Publishing, who will be doing a Hebrew-language edition of The Dragon's Nine Sons in Israel next year), sends me the following clipping from the September 24th edition of Haaretz (which translates into English as "The Nation" or "The Country"), the 3rd largest newspaper in Israel.

Next week marks the Jewish New Year, Rani explains, and every year Haaretz publishing a special edition of their respected Books Supplement, in which they cover what they consider to be the most interesting of the books scheduled to be published in Israel in 2009. Graff Publishing got 8 books on the list this time out, including the following mention:

For those of us who don't read Hebrew, Rani offers the following rough translation:
The Dragon's Nine Sons * Chris Roberson

Graff Publishing

Imperial China and the Mexican Dominion are the main superpowers in the alternate universe in which the novel takes place. They have been fighting each other for many years but now, in the 21st century, the war between them breaks into outer space. Roberson uses this set up as a background for a thrilling story containing many plot twists. Roberson is nominated for the 2008 World Fantasy Award.

Of course, as Rani points out, I have only his word to prove that's what the clip actually says. For that matter, I'll only have his word that the books he'll send me next year are actually mine!

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