Friday, September 12, 2008


Cat Blogging, Redux

It's been a few weeks since Blue the Cat came to live with us, and he's settling in nicely. Georgia's cat-juggling has improved considerably, as well.

Blue is about four months old now, I think, give or take a bit, and has got to be the most mellow, most affectionate cat I've ever owned. Also, he plays fetch, which is something of a surprise.

Georgia likes Blue to lay with her on the couch in the evenings, as she watches her daily episode of Little Bear before shuffling off to bed. Last night they stretched out under a blanket, and I snapped off a few shots.

And, after Georgia rolls over, hugging the cat to keep him from scurrying away:

I love the look of resignation in the cat's face. That look says, "Let me know when I can get up again, okay?"

they are both so precious.
Russian Blues often play fetch. They're known for it. Wonderful cats.

You might enjoy the adventures of two Russian Blues chronicled at .
I couldn't agree more, Adrienne!
Thanks for the tip, Rose!
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