Friday, August 01, 2008


WorldCon - Denvention 3

Here's my scheduled program items for next week's WorldCon in Denver, in case anyone is interested.

And, as always, at all other times I can most likely be found either wandering around the dealer's room or else flying the flag in the hotel bar in the "party hotel".

(Note: My travel plans have changed a bit, and I'll be getting in a little later than planned. I should be able to make it to my Wednesday at 1:00pm panel, lord willing and the creek don't rise, but if there's any snags along the way I might not make it there in time.)

Wednesday 1:00PM
14 Has there ever been a good movie adaptation of an SF book?
CCC - Room 507
From War of the Worlds to the adventures of Harry Potter, some people love the movie adaptations and some hate them. What makes the movement from page to screen worth watching? What literary devices have to be cut or changed for the transition to the silver
screen? Are there any really good movie adaptations
out there?
Chris Roberson, Craig Miller, (m) Matthew Rotundo

Thursday 2:30 PM
173 Kaffeeklatsch

CCC - Korbel 4E
Charles Brown, Chris Roberson, David Gerrold, Ed Bryant

Thursday 5:30 PM
228 Swashbucklers in Space
CCC - Korbel 1C
Not as evil as pirates, but twice as much fun! Swashbucklers, whether in space or on the high seas, are often found fighting on the side of the good guys - but in quite non-standard ways!
Chris Roberson, Darlene Marshall, (m) Karl Schroeder, SM Stirling, Tobias Buckell

Friday 10:45 AM
286 Signing (45 minutes)
CCC - Hall D
Bill Patterson, Chris Roberson, Jody Lynn Nye

Friday 5:30 PM
427 Sidewise Awards
Sheraton - 2nd Level, Tower Court D
Chris Roberson, Evelyn Leeper, Jay Lake, Jo Walton, John Scalzi, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Flynn, Sheila Williams, Stephen Baxter, Steven Silver

Saturday 1:00 PM
496 Battlestar Galactica
CCC - Room 505
Who did it best and why? Was it really the same story told a different way, or was it something altogether different with a few familiar names?
Chris Roberson, (m) Edward Muller, John Joseph Adams, Randy Smith

Sigh....I sooo wish I just pulled the trigger and gone this year. It would have been my first WorldCon.

The Swashbucklers panel sound really cool...that's a great panel lineup ( sounds never know until the panel actually talks).
Unrelated to your post - but did you catch your namecheck on this thread post:
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