Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hector Plasm: Totentanz

A little over two years ago, I raved on the Ramble about a one-shot comic entitled Hector Plasm: De Mortius. Here's what I said then:
Written by Benito Cereno with art by Nate Bellegarde, the comic is 48 pages of ghost-busting goodness. Hector Plasm is a benandante, accompanied by a beatnik devil and an avenging angel who could just have stepped out of a Sergio Leone western, and together they ramble around fighting ghosts and exorcizing demons. Well, appparently Hector does all the ghost fighting, for the most part, but you get the idea.


Having looked forward to Hector Plasm: De Mortius for months, I was amazed to find that it's even better than I'd anticipated. One of the best comics I've read in recent months, and a tonic when faced with the never-ending events of the Big Two, I can't recommend it highly enough. Buy lots, so Cereno and Bellegarde won't have any choice but to keep churning out follow-ups.
Well, it took a little over two years, but the first of those follow-ups is now on its way.



Written by Benito Cereno, art and cover by Nate Bellgarde.

The creative team behind Invincible Presents: Atom Eve return to their original creation, a modern-day member of an ancient cult whose duties dictate that he roam the earth to protect the living from the dead...and occasionally to protect the dead from the living. It's the follow-up to the book WIZARD MAGAZINE called one of the top 200 comics released during its publication history.

48 pages, $5.99, in stores on Nov. 5.
Who doesn't want that? So get down to your local comic shop and order a copy, already!

Now, if we could only get Cereno to do more Tales from the Bully Pulpit...

This sounds good, and I really should have gotten into it when it first came out, as well as Bully Pulpit, 'cause, y'know T.R. was the man, if anyone deserves larger than life treatment its him. But Hector Plasm seems right up my alley, I am such a nut for things like Hellboy and Nocturnals and this seems to fit right in. Oh, look at the time, I have to knock over an armored car in 45 minutes. Don't wait up.
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