Monday, August 25, 2008


First Day of School

Georgia's been going to preschool for a while now, but today she officially starts Pre-Kindergarten, which at her school means a new classroom, more robust curriculum... and school uniforms.

Here's Georgia in her new uniform (or "schooliform", as I call them, as Lauren Child does in I Am Too Absolutely Small For School):

And here she is just a few moments before, reacting to something ridiculous I've said, no doubt (Allison is behind the camera, so I'm the one off to the right prompting with "Say slurpee-nozzle" and such like. Why does it always have to be "cheese," anyway...?)

Her expression in the first photo is priceless.
I just sent mine off to PreK4 this morning as well. Mom did not deal well with this.
That is one cute kid, no foolin'.
Congratulations to Georgia! Hope you all have a great school year!

jeff ford
Thanks, Jeff, I'll pass that along!

(And yes, Jess, she is definitely one cute kid... and knows it.)
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