Friday, August 22, 2008


Cat Blogging

We had a new addition to our house this week, much to Georgia's delight.

Internets, allow me to present Blue the Cat...

Obviously, Georgia is overjoyed at the new pet upgrade (Blue the Fish [Beta] continues to linger on, but he's not as lively these days as he once was), but her cat-juggling skills can use some work.

However, Georgia was a quick study with the "fishing-rod-thingee-with-feather-on-a-string", and Blue the Cat is much happier chasing after it then being carted around by Georgia.

And here's Blue the Cat when not being tormented by an enthusiastic four-year-old girl.

Cute kitty! I'm sure Blue and Georgia will be fast friends for a long time.
KITTY! Yay! She [he?] is adorable.
True blue indeed!
Thanks, everybody. And he is definitely a he...
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