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We took Georgia to see Wall-E yesterday. I haven't decided just yet, but it might be my favorite Pixar film to date. It is certainly, on technical merits, the most accomplished Pixar film yet. Director Andrew Stanton and the rest of the team deserve every Oscar that can be thrown at them. The fact that animators like Victor Navone were able to squeeze so much emotion out of characters that are essentially wordless and all-but-featureless is astonishing. That Stanton and team had a packed-house full of adults and kids held absolutely enraptured for three quarters of an hour of nearly wordless storytelling was uncanny.

After watching it, I don't quite get the reaction from some right-wing commentators that the film is left-wing pro-environmental propaganda. It seemed to me that any environmental message in the film was almost incidental, and that the real thrust of the thing was a screed against unchecked and wasteful consumerism. But this is, after all, a film in which one of the romantic touchstones is the burning flame of a Zippo lighter, for goodness sake--not exactly a textbook example of treehuggerism.

So, Wall-E is either the best Pixar film to date or merely one of the best. (And the short film "Presto" which precedes it is, inarguably, awesome.) If you haven't seen it yet, honestly, what are you waiting for?

And here's my favorite of the teasers released in the lead-up to the film's release, just as a bonus.

I thought it was the best. Still do. (My brother-in-law watched Henry while we went out for dinner-and-a-movie, our last such in a long while, I think).

Of course, I think all the humans will die in the first winter back, but what comes before is remarkable.
Yeah, I really enjoyed WALL-E too. Genuine science fiction (not scif-fi or skiffy)and genuinely funny. In a summer when everyone seems to be complaining about remakes, Pixar gives us a new universe, with a storytelling style that runs counter to current trends.
I saw it Saturday night. I thought it was fantastic. I love how Pixar has revived the old, and almost lost, Warner Brothers art of making animation that is thoroughly entertaining on both a child's and an adult's level. They also, unlike most of the other 3-D drivel released in recent years, make their movies pretty timeless by avoiding the blatant pop culture reference of the week.

Also, had I been drinking milk when presto was playing, it most definitely would've shot out of my nose.
Let me add my voice to the chorus of WALL-E fans, it was simply amazing, and though there was a message with consumerism and the environment I really felt it was more a story about connection and the human spirit, even if it is embodied in two robots and a spaceship captain(who turned out to be my favorite character). And yes, yes, Presto was just the bees knees.
I think it's very good, but still felt that the "consumerism is bad" might have been a trifle over done. I also thought the "WALL-E comes back to life" at the end was taking the easy way out.

My favorite remains "The Incredibles".
Greg, I was amazed to find that the captain quickly became such a well-rounded (excuse the inadvertent pun) character. I had expected him to be a one-note joke when he first came on screen, but within a few scenes really blossomed. That said, I think the cockroach might be my favorite character...

Howard, I'll agree that, if Wall-E doesn't topple my current fave, then The Incredibles will continue to hold the top spot.
Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit"... minus the cheesy 80's style of course
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