Wednesday, July 09, 2008


King City 2

At the beginning of the year, I raved about King City, Brandon Graham's book from Tokyopop. One of the best comics I've read in ages.

If you dip your toe into the waters of the comics blogosphere at all, you might have heard in the last few weeks that Tokyopop just laid off a bunch of editors, and cut their line back to the bone. Some books are going to be coming out, some are only going to be released in "online editions," and others won't be coming out at all. In amongst the dross, TokyoPop has done some good work, like Paul Benjamin's Pantheon High, and Eric Wight's My Dead Girlfriend, etc., and I worried what would become of them in the ensuing kerfuffle, but most of all I wanted to know about Graham's follow-up, King City 2. (Of course, while waiting to find out, I discover here that My Dead Girlfriend might continue, but without Wight [?!].)

Earlier today, Graham posted the first few pages of King City 2 to his Livejournal. I made a note to come back and read them when I wasn't cross-eyed from staring at a computer screen all day.

Then, a while later, Bryan Lee O'Malley (whose Scott Pilgrim I raved about in the same review above) posted a bit about the King City 2 pages Graham had posted, along with the following bit:
KING CITY was my favourite graphic novel of 2007. Tokyopop put it out. You may have heard that they are having some troubles lately. They were kind of shitty about KING CITY in the first place - they almost didn't release it, thought about sticking it online-only, then changed their minds. It's since been nominated for an Eisner award.

Tokyopop is NOT publishing the second volume, but they still hold the rights and won't allow Brandon to take it to another publisher.
Get that? Tokyopop isn't publishing the book, but they won't release the rights back to him, either.

So, really.... Um... That's kind of shitty.

Fuck Tokyopop, right?

Want to help with that, and get to read some tasty comics for free? Head over to Brandon Graham's Livejournal and start reading yourself some free pages of King City 2.

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