Saturday, July 05, 2008


Georgia's Gang Signs

Tonight, as a treat, Georgia got cupcakes for desert. When she'd eaten enough of one of them to get a stylish Van Dyke of green icing on her face, Allison got out her camera to take a couple of fashion shots.

For reasons surpassing understanding, as soon as Georgia saw the camera was on her, she started flashing what Allison and I can only describe as gang signs. It was like something halfway between Doctor Strange in the midst of some truly arcane hoodoo, and a heavy-metal headbanger rocking out.

There were a number of these poses, and as Allison kept snapping off shots, Georgia would shift from one to another, saying, "What about this one, Dad?" Each involved the tongue stuck out, arms out, fingers splayed.

Should I be worried that my four-year-old daughter has joined a gang...?

Hah hah, she's adorable.

And on a complete side-note, I just picked up The Dragon's Nine Sons from my local bookstore! I'm always on the lookout for tick-tock men books, and yours are are finally starting to appear in various retailers up here. In fact, it was squeezed in on the same shelf as Alastair Reynolds' and John Scalzi's works, so pretty good company!
Thanks, Radek! Hope the book doesn't disappoint.
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