Thursday, July 03, 2008


Fortune Cookie Monster

From the incomparable BizzaroBlog:

Funny thing is, I understand where Cookie Monster is coming from, it drives me nuts when instead of a fortune all I get is Good Advice. So, um, Cookie and I have something in common. Hope your writing is going well, I'm a 40K nut, especially the fiction so I'm really looking forward to your book. Best wishes,
I haven't actually gotten a "fortune" in a fortune cookie in I don't know how long. Most of what I get can best be described as aphorisms, I guess.

Writing on the Dawn of War II book is proceeding apace, actually. That's the main reason it's been so quiet around here lately. I hit the one-quarter mark today, and I'm on track to get the book to Black Library by the end of the month, if not a little bit sooner. I'm surrounded by huge stacks of manuals and Codices, 3-ring binders I've filled with things I've printed out off the Games Workshop and Specialist Games websites, piles and piles of Black Library books I've read for reference... it's all W40K, all the time over here these days!
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