Monday, June 23, 2008


Postscripts #15

Want to share in my latest "I'm-not-worthy" moment? Head over to the PS Publishing site, where they've posted the ToC for the forthcoming Postscripts #15. An "all-sf" issue, that serves both as a spotlight on Paul McAuley and as a special issue for WorldCon 2008, the issue includes a star-studded line up of heavy hitters, including a guest editorial by the late Arthur C. Clarke.

And here's the I'm-not-worthy moment. Somehow, a story of mine ended up in the list, a Celestial Empire tale entitled "Thy Saffron Wings," about the first envoy from the Dragon Throne to visit the court of an English monarch.

How did that happen...?

Somehow, a story of mine ended up in the list...

Heh. That was my reaction about my story. *g*
It was with some amusement that I saw on Paul McAuley's blog yesterday that he had the same reaction, too!
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