Monday, June 23, 2008


The Hole, and Georgia Online

I'm going to be a mite busy the next few weeks, down what Bill Willingham calls "the hole," trying to finish a franchise novel between now and the middle of July. I'll probably be able to talk about it sooner or later, but attentive readers of this blog could probably guess what it is. Then I'll dive right into a super-cool comic book project I've been tapped to do, which I might be able to talk about by then, but not yet.

I'd say not to expect too much in the way of posting from me, but the last time I went down the "hole", writing The Dragon's Nine Sons at about this time last year, I ended up posting even more frequently than usual. So who knows?

But I will share one thing with you before I descend into the hole. Georgia's started a new pre-kindergarten class this month, moving up from the preschool class she was in, and she's loving it. One of the difference between this as the "old class," as Georgia calls it, is that this new class has computers for the kids to use, as part of their daily activities. Georgia, who'd taken only a passing interest in computers before, is now all about the computer. Where before she would sit in my lap as we visited kid-friendly site and clicked around, a passive consumer, now she's working the mouse herself, all on her own. Suffice it to say that my computer has probably been tuned to the PBS Kids website more the last few days than any other.

It's only a matter of time, I figure, before we put her to work. Sooner or later it'll be her posting to my blog...

My three year old nephew is obsessed with the "umputer," as he calls it, and with in particular. This, um, may be all my fault for showing him that site in the first place. Crazy to think that in no time at all she'll be better on the computer than you are, isn't it?
The thing is, you not only have to fully embrace the hole, you have to love the hole.

Bill Willingham
Jen, it's just a matter of time before Georgia is better at everything than I am.
It's not so much that I've embraced the hole, Bill, but that the hole appears to have embraced me (if you can call "being completely consumed" as "embracing").
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