Saturday, June 21, 2008


C is for Colbert

(Post title nicked from the Muppet Newsflash) Last night, after Georgia had gone to bed, Allison and I watched Thursday's episode of The Colbert Report, which along with Jon Stewart's The Daily Show is one of the few shows I never miss. About halfway through the episode, Colbert did a piece on a recent study that shows that fruit has ousted cookies as the number one snack for the under-six-years-old crowd. Then he was interrupted by a doorbell ringing a familiar tune, and...

Well, see for yourself.

I think this is David Rudman performing Cookie, who also performs Jack on Jack's Big Music Show and Baby Bear on Sesame Street. The combination of Rudman's talent and a great script (for which we have the Colbert writers to thank, I'm guessing) makes this the best Muppet/Sesame Street cameo I've seen in years. Usually the characters are trotted out for morning shows or home-improvement shows or the like, with less than completely satisfying results. This, by contrast, was hilarious.

There was a sting at the end of the episode, as well.


Thank you so much for sharing this, it was hilarious. I feel so badly that they won't let that poor bastard eat cookies anymore.
Ah, it's not as bad as all that, Jen. Cookie gets to eat, well, cookies at least once an episode, in the regular "Letter of the Day" bit with Prairie Dawn (in which the letter of the day is always written with icing on a cookie that he's not supposed to eat, and yet always does).

For all the blowback about the whole "cookies are a sometimes food" message the show has adopted, the commentators talking about it invariably leave out the end of the clips. In the bit that introduced the new motto, Hoots the Owl sang a whole song to Cookie about how fruits and vegetables and such were everytime-time-foods, and cookies were a sometimes food, et cetera. Cookie got the message, and then said, "Well, now is sometimes, isn't it?" and proceeded to eat a plate of cookies.

He may eat a piece of fruit now and again, but he is still all about the cookie.
Hee. I am oddly gladdened by this. Thank you.
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