Tuesday, May 13, 2008


New Review

The unsinkable Rob Bedford has reviewed The Dragon's Nine Sons for SFFWorld.com, and appears to have enjoyed it:
The Dragon’s Nine Sons is a fast-paced story, set in future of a world similar to our own. The characters are well-crafted and in such a relatively short story, Roberson effectively fills in the right amount of details for the characters as well as the other elements of the story. The rich history of the world is only hinted at and Roberson provides a timeline of the Middle Kingdom as an appendix which illustrates the depth of divergent history in the Celestial Empire universe. Though this novel has some distinct differences from Paragaea, Roberson retains the same storytelling sensibilities and qualities. Part heist, part redemption story, part adventure The Dragon’s Nine Sons is a solid and entertaining novel.


Thanks for the double link-back Chris!

When can we find out what the Good (Secret) News is?
Cool...looks like the reviews in general have been very good.

I finally got my copy from Amazon and read it last week. Very impressed...I thought the two main character arcs were well done, and I love the alt history you're putting together.

This might be your best book yet (and I really enjoyed Paragaea)
Well, thanks for the great review, Rob!

As for my Good (Secret) News, I may be able to talk about one of them in another month or so. Still waiting on the other one to firm up.
Thanks, Howard! Glad to hear you liked it! And glad to hear you're enjoying the Celestial Empire stuff, as there's certainly more of it coming down the pike.
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