Thursday, May 01, 2008


The Chow Raid

Speaking of Larry Marder's Beanworld (as I just was), check out this action. Someone called Fashion Buddha Studio has animated the "Chow Raid" segment from early in the run, put to the music of They Might Be Giants' cover of The Allman Brothers' "Jessica"

Every few days the beans' spiritual guardian, Gran'Ma'Pa, produces a Sprout Butt which Mr. Spook must spear it on his trusty fork and lead the Chow Soljer Army on a Chow Raid against the Hoi Polloi Ring Herd. Chow is the Hoi Polloi's currency, but for the beans it is their soul source of food, which they consume by absorbing in a pool.

In exchange for stealing the Hoi Polloi's Chow, Mr. Spook leaves behind the Sprout Butt that will be transformed into more Chow by the Hoi Polloi's love.

"Tales of the Beanworld" ran for seven years with Eclipse Comics and after a fifteen year sabbatical is now going to be released as a complete collection (plus new stories!) by Dark Horse Comics.

Fashion Buddha Studio is composed primarily of comic book nerds and are, naturally, huge fans of Marder's work.

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