Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Troubling Truth About Superman

A few years ago I wrote a story called "The Trouble With Superman," a little bit of silliness that eventually was published in the inaugural edition of Space Squid, and ended up getting an honorable mention in Gardner Dozois's Years Best Science Fiction, amazingly enough. The story was about the little bits of personal detail about Superman that just never made it into the comics.

This morning, a post on Blog@Newsarama lead me to the new blog of Kerry Callen, whose Halo and Sprocket, a series about a girl, a robot, and an angel, has long been a favorite of mine. And in Callen's most recent post he's thrown the spotlight on this unpublished gem, entitled "The Truth About Superman."

Different truths than in my story, perhaps, but no less valid...

Regarding the panel about his secret identity being a sham, did you ever see the SNL sketch where Duane "The Rock" Johnson plays Clark Kent, and everyone in the Daily Planet offices knows he's actually Superman?
You know, I'd forgotten all about it until reading your comment, but yeah, I did see that. I'll have to hunt and see if I can't find the video online somewhere.
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