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Okay, John at SF Signal, I see your Baffled!, and raise you one Spectre.

Granted, this low-rent promo lacks the swinging soundtrack of the Baffled opening, but it does have Robert Culp with psychic powers in Merry Old England, fighting cultists.

Arguably the best of Roddenberry's unproduced pilots (though there's a lot to be said for The Questor Tapes...).

SPECTRE is a lot of fun..And I always figured one or both of these two were members of the Council of Watchers when Buffy's powers manifested...
Ha! You know, Bill, that's not a bad idea at all. local independent bookstore has a Chris Roberson book in their shelves in mmp format. I picked up "The Dragon's 9Sons" just today/Saturday :-)

I noticed on the SF Signal site that the same cover for "Sons" is used there for "Three Unbroken", is this in the same universe?

Jim Shannon
It most certainly is, Jim!

This post lays out the history of the Celestial Empire:
I hope it doesn't disappoint, Jim!
I absolutely don't remember this one, and I've been a Robert Cult, er, Culp fan since "I-Spy" and "Greatest American Hero".
I caught it on television a year or two ago, Stu. Don't remember the channel, but it was probably one of those genre-dedicated ones high up on my DirectTV offerings (the mystery channel, the romance channel, etc). It probably doesn't air too often, but if you keep your eyes peeled I expect you'll turn it up. Regular visits here wouldn't hurt.
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