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Say what you will about the notion of Will Ferrell in the lead of the forthcoming Land of the Lost remake, but these look like Sleestaks to me...

Refreshingly so, I might add.

And in the right vehicles, Will Farrell actually is tolerable as an actor...mostly when he has better actors raising his game. (I liked Stranger than Fiction for this)
Oh, I like Will Ferrell quite a bit, actually. I'm not sure what to expect from him in Land of the Lost, though. My guess is that the story will be more wacky than not, fairly tongue-in-cheek, and as someone who at the age of five took the original show deadly seriously, I'll admit that there's a large part of me that would prefer a more straight-ahead retelling. But who knows? They may surprise us.
This has the "Bewitched" treatment written all over it.

If only Judd Apatow was doing it with script by Seth Rogow... *chortle*
You may well be right, Stu. Of course, I think Bewitched was almost a work of metafictional genius, that fell apart completely in the last twenty minutes (and completely lacks a third act), so I may not be the best judge of that sort of thing...
So it was my birthday last week, and a friend brought by a gift. Evidently her son is playing Chaka in the new movie, so they had the entire Last of the Lost DVD set lying around the house. At least I hope they had it lying around. After watching a couple of episodes for the first time in thirty years, my wife Erin wanted to "unthank" the giver! ;p

Wow. It's pretty hard to watch. While I can see how someone would want to make a Will Ferrel movie out of this, I'm wondering if enough people have seen this as adults to gain a sense of humor/perspective about it. I'm afraid people will remember it strictly through their childhood eyes...
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