Sunday, April 06, 2008


RIP Charlton Heston

When the Last Man on Earth is gone, what comes after?

For most of my childhood, Heston was the hero. They don't make them like him anymore...

How did I *know* that you'd break your usual weekend silence to post about this?

It's not an exaggeration for me to say my biggest cinematic influences when I was growing up were Vincent Price and Charlton Heston, because of a little thing called The 4:30 Movie.

I double-majored in English and Anthropology in college because of Vincent and Charlton.
For me it was the afternoon movies on Channel 8 in Dallas. In the summers, they'd run theme weeks, like all Jerry Lewis movies, or all Sandra Dee, or what-have-you. After spending the morning and afternoon playing lifeguard to my kid siblings at the neighborhood pool, we'd come home to cool off in the hottest part of the day in front of the television.

The week that they ran all five Planet of the Apes movies, needless to say, literally changed my life.
Hey Patty.

I remember the 4:30 movie! (Born and raised in NYC, now living in MN).

I also remember Channel 9 and 11 did movies a lot too, including Channel Nine's "Million Dollar Movie"
Hey Paul:

Between that and Chiller Theater on Saturdays, my course in life was set.
"Damned dirty apes!"
Ah yes, "Million Dollar Movie" and its opportunity to watch the same film five days a week and memorize the dialogue of "Forbidden Planet," "The Boy with Green Hair" or "Them!".
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