Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Multiple Warheads

A few months back I raved about Brandon Graham's King City. A couple of weeks ago, at long last, I picked up his "Multiple Warheads," the first issue of an irregular (in more ways than one) science fiction comic from Oni Press. The publisher's flak for the book is as follows:
WolfWar 3 ended almost 50 years ago and snow has been falling on Dead City for almost as long. A war-torn wasteland that stinks of radiation dust and broken dreams, it’s the town Sexica and Nikoli call home. But not for long. They’re packing up their cyber-organic-hybrid car and hitting the road. Soon maybe all of the pain, mayhem, and space ship crashes that have plagued their lives will be reduced to nothing more than memories.
That about sums it up, I suppose. But it falls short of conveying the awesomeness of the enterprise. Like King City, Multiple Warheads is packed with brilliant, baffling ideas, and absolutely made of win. If my word's not good enough (and really, why should it be?) check out the 18-page preview over at the Oni site.

The book came out last summer, but the better comic shops (like Austin Books, where I found it) might still have it on the shelf, and if not, Oni still has copies to sell.

Now, I knew from his bio that Graham had done some, shall we say, naughty comics before turning his attentions to King City, and I knew in a vague way that Multiple Warheads grew out of one of them. Well, this morning, over on his LiveJournal, he's been good enough to share the whole thing with the world, gratis.

It is, suffice it to say, completely Not Safe For Work. But if you're interested in seeing some more of Graham's wacky brilliance on display, head over and see for yourself.

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