Thursday, April 24, 2008


MIND MELD: Underrated Authors

The good folks at SF Signal asked me to take part in another of their Mind Meld roundtables, this one on the subject of "Underrated Authors." If you're curious to learn "Which author, living or otherwise, [I] believe deserves more recognition than they currently receive and why?", here's your chance...

(Hint, his name is Kim Newman.)

What's funny is I've been a Kim Newman fan for years since finding out about Anno Dracula in my early Wold Newton days and rushing to find a second hand copy. He is amazing and it's funny to think he isn't a phenomenon, because I "hear of him everywhere", and I've always thought of him as huge. He manages to write what I want to read pretty consistently and really seems to enjoy his source material as well. He may be ironic, but not condescending towards it.
Oh, I don't mean to suggest that Newman isn't read. He has a healthy fan base in the US, I've found. I just think that he should be a superstar!
Who you calling "good folks"? :)
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