Thursday, April 03, 2008



Sure, the character is little more than a "direct lift" of Michael Allred's Madman, and much of the humor comes from repurposing and recycling comedic bits you might have seen elsewhere, but on Saturday mornings in the mid-90s I could invariably be found sprawled in front of the television in the living room, usually deeply hung over, watching the latest episode of Freakazoid! There was a kind of willful insanity to the proceedings that had a charm of its own, however derivative other elements of the show might have been.

Aside from digging up clips on Youtube, like the Jonny Quest parody I mentioned a while back, though, I don't think I've seen an episode of the show since it went off the air, more than a decade ago. So I was a little surprised how jazzed I was this morning by the news that the first season is coming out on DVD.

Warner Bros has just announced the complete first season of Freakazoid!, the 1995 animated series starring Paul Rugg as the D.C. defender, Freakazoid. The 2-disc set includes 14 episodes, and sells for a suggested price of $26.99 (Warner initially posted a lower, incorrect price for this set - this is the correct price).
I might just have to add that one to my Netflix queue.

And for no added charge, here's a little language lesson for you all.

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