Friday, April 04, 2008


Elvis Costello's "Veronica"

For no reason whatsoever, here is the best video I've ever seen. I first saw it almost twenty years ago, and it haunted me for the better part of two decades until I was finally able to find it on DVD a few years ago. Of course, now it's on Youtube and anyone can see it anytime they like. I love the future.

Directed by Evan English and John Hillcoat, here's the video for Elvis Costello's "Veronica."

Still the best video I've ever seen.

That is an amazing video. I get a little choked up every time I watch it.

It's also very sad that no television channels play music videos anymore.
Yeah, I agree. But luckily, you can call up just about any video you can think of online, one way or another, which makes the lack of televised music videos easier to take.

As for me, I tend to get a lot choked up every time I watch this one, for reasons that change as time goes on.
The Costello/McCartney collaborations were exceedingly good. McCartney, it would seem, needs collaborators to bring out the best in him. Too bad they never did anything else besides a handful of tracks across two albums...
Mmm. Excellent point. I don't think I knew until I hunted up the credits for this video that it was a collaboration with McCartney, though!
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