Monday, April 28, 2008


Beanworld Returns!

Rejoice, you millions! Rejoice!

This is the best damned news I've heard in ages.
Dark Horse plans to republish the first 21 issues of Tales of the Beanworld, possibly in deluxe hardcover editions, then deliver Marder's new adventures sometime in early 2009.
Holy cats! Or should I say, "Hoka-Hoka-Hey!"

I didn't discover Larry Marder's Beanworld comics until close to the end of the original run, at which point they blew the top of my head off. Beanworld is a strange, two-dimensional world which exists in a careful state of balance, and when an element from outside is introduced at the beginning of the series, strange things begin to follow. Kind of like Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, if Edwin Abbot had been an environmentalist who read stacks of Jack Kirby comics while taking took a lot of hallucinogens.

Beanworld is all kinds of crazy, pure genius and unalloyed joy. It's been, what, something like twelve or thirteen years since we've seen a new Beanworld story? Marder has been teasing images on his blog for a while now, so the fact that new stuff is in the offing isn't a complete surprise, but the idea that we might be getting "deluxe hardcover editions" in the bargain is a nice one.

I've just learned that IDW are going to be republishing William Messner-Loeb's Journey, all 27 issues in two volumes. It's just great to see these old delights getting to see the light of day again.
Oh wow. I was huge into Beanworld though I haven't thought of it in years.
And Scott McCloud's Zot is about to get a high profile collection, as well. It's not a bad time to be buying comics, at all.
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