Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Danger Island

Georgia is home sick today (nothing serious, just a low-grade fever and a lack of appetite, which I suspect she picked up from Bill Willingham at dinner the other night), which means that we're spending the day on the couch, watching cartoons. This morning was all educational, PBS Kids fare. When that wrapped up, she demanded mind-rotting seventies Saturday morning fare. She's watching The All New Superfriends Hour (with Wonder Twin action) at the moment, but before that we caught the last half of a Banana Splits on Boomerang, which included the first installment of "Danger Island."

I don't know when I last saw this. When I was Georgia's age? Definitely not much older than that.

Here's a surprise hidden in the credits for the episode. Guess who directed this? That's right, none other than Richard Donner. Go figure!


Thanks for this trip down memory lane. Everytime someone mentions good ol' TV I mention the Banana Splits, but what I'm really remembering is this show: Danger Island. Ah, now I'll have to hunt down the entire set of episodes. It struck a chord for me as a kid.

If you turn up a complete set, be sure to let me know!
Forgot that directorial trivia, did you? :)

Unforgettable series.
Directed by Richard Donner and starring a young Jan Michael Vincent! I don't remember much about the series, except it involved pirates, savages, and (for some reason) an inordinate number of pie fights...

(Last time I watched the show, I was wearing a Cub Scout uniform. And no, it wasn't last week, so shut up!)
Thanks for this, Chris. The Banana Splits show was shown completely out of order in Australia, so I never knew what the #%$^@@ was going on, and I never did see the opening episode.

I'd completely forgotten about it till I saw this. Now a missing piece from the confused television-watching jigsaw of my childhood has been restored . . .


Glad I could help, Garth!
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