Thursday, February 21, 2008


New Review

Over on the Solaris blog I learn that The Dragon's Nine Sons has been reviewed in this month's issue of Deathray, a damned sexy UK genre magazine. They seem to have liked it:
"The plot’s Dirty Dozen aspects gives Roberson a hook on which to hang his unfamiliar world. The alternate universe is convincing and well thought out. Although the story is told from the viewpoint of Chinese Celestial Empire characters, it’s actually the Mexic Dominion that comes across as more interesting, because it’s almost as much a mystery to the viewpoint characters. As a result, the audience convincingly shares their apprehension and surprise. It’s clear that Roberson has done his historical and cultural research as well as his astrophysics... All the science is well handled and very detailed; this is proper military SF... The pace is just right—not too slow, not breakneck—and the story flows very nicely, never short of dramatic developments of interesting surprises... Highly recommended.”


WOW. That is a super great review!

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