Wednesday, February 27, 2008


New Blog Review

Paul "Jvstin" Weimer has reviewed The Dragon's Nine Sons on his blog, and overall seems to have enjoyed it.
In addition, Roberson does a great job showing the natures of our protagonists, both in their personalities and in their backstories. The gambler/thief, the prankster, the murderers (although we come to understand why they killed), the pacifist...yes, they are clearly archetypes that you have seen before, but they are well drawn, with a good amount of tension between such very different characters. And these character traits pay off throughout the novel. Roberson understands Chekhov's Law very well.

Overall, I am quite happy with the read and enjoyed it. There are a number of other stories set in the Celestial Empire (one or two of which I have read already). Given my taste for Alternate History, I intend to seek the others out and read them, too.
To address Paul's challenge about a novel from the Mexica point of view, I've actually been toying with a plot that would be entitled The House of Darkness, that I might set up in a forthcoming novella, "The Embroidered Guard." One thing I didn't get across as well as I'd intended with D9S is that we're only seeing the Aztecs here from the Chinese perspective, and that there are all sorts of things about Mexic culture that the soldiers aren't noticing or understanding. (Aside from the whole blood-sacrifice-of-innocents thing, in fact, there's actually a lot to like about the Mexica.) I'll try harder next time!


Thanks for reading the review.

There seemed to be a little tiny bit of the "cultures seeing past each other" in TDNS, but I think it could have been more. Next time, as you say.

Or, if it salves your conscience any, Chris, I can nitpick even my favorite novels.

There is plenty to like about TDNS. After all, there aren't all that many hybrids between AH and Space Adventure!
Thanks, Paul. And thanks for the review!
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