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I'm in the final stages of pre-production on my story, "Edison's Frankenstein," and at the point of outlining where I work out what's going to be in every paragraph, and make sure that all of the information is revealed at the right time. This is also the point at which I check all my facts, make sure I've got the period details right, and research any setting-specific vocabulary. This usually involves a fair bit of Googling, a healthy dose of the Oxford English Dictionary, and general poking around.

It can be a trap, though. For example, I spent nearly a full hour today trying to figure out if an Algerian Berber in the 1890s would have conceivably have been wearing a fez, and if so, what he would have called it. A tarboosh? A checheya? Something else?

A full hour, folks, and I couldn't find a definitive answer. So what's my solution? Just avoid mentioning his damned hat and get on with it...

Wikipedia has a nice page on The Fez. A male Fez looks different then a male Fez. The female Fez (and I've seen one)is simmilar in shape to an Airforce flying cap.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the tip, Jim. The main thing I've come away with in my researches is the growing desire to have my own fez to wear around!
Yes, me to. I recall watching an episode of Hogans Heros where Col. Klink is wearing a smoking jacket and a neto red Fez trying to impress his date. I'm a freemason and I think one of the reasons why I approached my lodge for membership was not only to carry on my grandfathers tradition of himself being a Mason but to possibly join the Shriners because they wear the Fez. But I want just a strait red Fez without markings on it.

There is also a website I went to called Fez o rama.

Coy, you're the only one's got a fez with a propeller on top!
A fez with a propeller is an excellent idea...
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