Wednesday, February 20, 2008



This weekend, I'll be a program participant at Con DFW in in Richardson, TX (that's just generally "Dallas" for you nonlocals). And as usual for this kind of convention, I'll be sounding off about all sorts of topics I'm only vaguely informed about, hungry for attention and laughs.

Here's where I can be found:

Friday 5 pm Panel Room 3 (Mesquite)
I Want to Make a Movie! The Ins and Outs of Independent Film
Hosted by Aaron Allston, John Davis, Kevin Hopkins and Chris Roberson
Industry pros discuss what it really takes these days to make your own movie. The good news – it’s easier than ever before. The bad news – you are not the first person to realize this.

Saturday 11 am Panel Room 3 (Mesquite)
Books into Movies
Hosted by Peter Beagle, John Davis, Tom Monteleone, Thomas M. Wagner, and Chris Roberson
Books and movies are very different media with their own separate language and translating one to the other successfully is no mean feat. Industry pros discuss what works and what doesn’t. Are there any movies that are shining examples of good translation? What can writers do to see their work turned into film? Hang on for a one hour crash course on what it takes to turn books into movies.

Saturday 1 pm Panel Room 4 (Pecan)
Understanding Today Through Tomorrow: Science Fiction as Literature
Hosted by Scott Cupp, Frances May, Chris Roberson and T.M. Wagner
Academia, by and large, doesn’t think much of science fiction. Mostly regarded as disposable populist trash, is it possible that science fiction could be more? Of course it is. And this panel will try to prove that very proposition.

Saturday 5 pm Panel Room 3 (Mesquite)
Pop Culture Explosion
Hosted by Glenn Yeffeth and Chris Roberson
Join these two as they discuss pop culture in modern society. What has been considered pop culture, what is it now, and what direction is it taking into the future?

Sunday 11 am Panel Room 1 (Sunflower – Main Programming)
Characters You Don’t Forget
Hosted by Peter Beagle, Paul Black, Linda Donahue, Chris Roberson and Glenn R. Sixbury
Industry pros discuss the subtle art of building memorable characters. How do you coax readers to care about your characters? What sabotages that interest? And in the end, are there any rules to building great characters?

Sunday 1 pm Panel Room 2 (Rose/Magnolia)
The Phantom Returns: Pulp Fiction for Modern Writers
Hosted by Aaron Allston, Scott Cupp, and Chris Roberson
Industry pros discuss pulp fiction and its countless modern revivals. What is pulp fiction anyway? And what makes it so great that it seems unable to die?

When not otherwise scheduled to blather at the front of conference rooms, I'll most likely be wandering around the dealers room or art show, at least until the hotel bar opens. And then...?

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