Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Robots! Vampires! A man with a Big Stick!

Newsarama has posted an interview with Paul Grist about his series Jack Staff, which as I've said before is my favorite comic. This month sees the publication of Jack Staff Special #1, a perfect "jumping on point" for new readers.

Asked to sum up Jack Staff in one sentence, Paul says, "Robots! Vampires! A man with a Big Stick! What more could you want?"

Honestly, what more could you want?

This is one of my faves too! I like the Victorian escapist character too, as well as Moorelin (sp?) the mage...
Ah yes, Morlan the Mystic, how I love him.

And Charlie Raven, escapologist, is a particular favorite of mine, too.
Jack Staff -- is that a character or an order?

Jeff Ford
Whichever works for you, Jeff!
I keep meaning to get around to this series and haven't quite managed it yet. Sounds like a good time to start.
Grist shows a great love of bothclassic Brit comics and superheroics.
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