Monday, January 28, 2008


For Your Consideration

Attention Hugo voters. If you haven't yet cast your nominating ballots, allow me to recommend to your attention Paul Cornell's "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category. If no less a luminary than Neil Gaiman can weigh in with public support for the thing, how can I do any less?

Hear hear. Human Nature was an excellent piece of drama.

Only Blink rivaled it last year as best Doctor Who story.
"Blink" was unquestionably awesome, but Cornell's two-parter edged it out in my affection. Taken together, though, "Blink" and "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" are two of the best Doctor Who stories in the history of the franchise, to my way of thinking. That was three good weeks in a row, if you ask me.
Blink is clever and charming, but Human Nature has a real poignancy, I agree.

Liking one doesn't take from the other.
Very true!
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