Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ambush Bug returns?

I think I'd be more excited by the news that Keith Giffen (and Robert Loren Fleming!) were returning to Ambush Bug if I hadn't been burned by the somewhat lackluster return of Captain Carrot last year, about which I'd previously squeed. (Turned into stray pets in a human world? Really? Really?). Can they get me excited about the return of another oddball comic I enjoyed as a kid?

Still, my love for Ambush Bug in the early 80s knew no bounds (as I've mentioned before), and I've hung onto every appearance of the character. Giffen has been doing some really stellar work these last few years, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

I gotta agree with you about the way the new Captain Carrot mini-series ended with such a ripoff. What, the new 52 Multiverse doesn't have room for zoomorphic people? Who set up the rules here? This is what you get when you don't have Roy Thomas writing a feature that he created with Scott Shaw! -- hey, I love Bill Morrison's comic writing but this just sucked.

Loved the Ambush Bug -- but we'll see. In a DC where they killed off the old Blue Beetle to launch a new series, who knows what may happen.
At least the miniseries was better than that strangely misguided "comic within a comic" that ran in Teen Titans a couple of years ago, the point of which seemed to be that "fun" comics like CCAHZC just couldn't exist anymore.
Settle down, Blaschke.

But forget the Toy Wonder. What about a return of the Hukka?
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