Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Secret Files of the Diogenes Club reviewed

Rick Kleffel beats the rush by being the first to review the awesomeness that is Kim Newman's Secret Files of the Diogenes Club.
In the past, I might have really kvetched about the trade paperback format; to be sure a book such as this deserves hardcover more than much of the dross you'll find littering the shelves. That said, this and the companion volume did actually get published, a feat for which we should thank MonkeyBrain. For all the synchronicity in the arrival and discussion of things Newmanian and Lovecraftian, synchronicity by itself ain't enough. Hard work, great design and great writing are what truly make 'The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club' hard to ignore. But it is certainly true that great books fall from the sky about as often as fish.
Rick is one of many who have praised the cover design and illustration of Lee Moyer, who was praised to the rafters at WFC this last weekend. The finished product truly is something to behold, and the scans and images online only begin to do it justice. Buy a copy for yourself and see, if you don't believe me.

I got my pre-ordered copy in the mail and my sweetie Andi was very impressed by the spiffy cover design. I have it put aside for when I finish reading Simon Green's The Man with the Golden Torc.

I hope it doesn't disappoint, Stu!
Picked up a copy at WFC. Loved the last one and am much looking forward to this one.

Gabriel Mesa
Based on our conversation the other day, Gabe, I'm thinking you'll probably dig it.
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