Friday, November 09, 2007


New Review

SciFiChick, who previously reviewed Set the Seas on Fire, has turned her attention to Paragaea: A Planetary Romance.
Paragaea is a wonderful story with the feel of a fantasy, but the heart of a science fiction novel. Though it isn’t necessary to read Set the Seas on Fire, I found it helpful to already have a background on the character of Hero. I found myself loving Paragaea , the story and world, even more. With more swash-buckling action and stronger characters, Roberson is a truly gifted storyteller.


That reminds me...I read Here, There & Everywhere the other week and thought it was fantastic. I am a sucker for time travel and alternate worlds anyway but I thought you did a great job with the concepts. The episodic nature worked very well too. Anyway, thanks for writing such a great book.
Thanks, Justin! I'm glad you liked it.
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