Monday, November 19, 2007


Moore on Simpsons

Watch this clip (before Fox has it removed from YouTube) so that you don't have to suffer through the lamentable tragedy that was last night's Simpsons. The first eight minutes were highly watchable, with a few good comics-related jokes, celebrity guest voices, and Jack Black as the proprietor of the "cool" comics shop. Then inexplicably the comics plot was completely abandoned at the nine minute mark and an unwatchably subpar plot about Marge opening a gym and Homer getting plastic surgery (!) started up instead. I was sure that the comic plot wouldn't even be acknowledged again, and then in the last ten seconds of the show there's a brief and ludicrous callback.

Remember when the Simpsons used to be good? It was a long time ago, but if I think real hard, I can almost recall...

You're right, that was excellent.

I stopped watching The Simpsons several years ago, so I didn't even know this was coming. Thanks!
Ah, too bad it's already unavailable.
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