Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Feist's "I Feel It All"

You may note that I've done little more than post YouTube links the last few days. Since last week I've basically been driving Miss Daisy, ferrying an injured Allison (neck and back) and an ill Georgia (sinus infection) to and from various appointments and sessions and whatnot. Everyone is medicated and on the mend, so there's an end in sight, but with Allison unable to drive and Georgia not tall enough to reach the pedals, it's down to me to chauffeur everyone around, so I'm taking an unplanned week-long vacation.

In our rambles around town, though, from doctor to preschool to other doctor to physical therapist, I've been obsessively listening to Feist's new album, Remember. I'd heard one or two of her songs over the last few years (and saw her iPod commercial along with everyone else a few months ago), but never knew her name to hunt down more until she was on SNL a few weeks ago. After that I had a name and could go hunting. And goddamn if she isn't 100% awesome. See for yourself...

Ouch. I'm glad Allison and Georgia are okay.
She got a little bit o' young Chrissie Hynde in her, don't she?
Glad to hear the family is on the mend.

Feist is awesome, agreed. The new album is called The Reminder, though.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Duh. I knew it was Resomethinger. That's what I get for posting without going to the car to check...

And yeah, Hynde isn't a bad comparison. I'm getting a little Ani DiFranco mixed with Kate Bush at times, blended with a bunch of other coolness.
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