Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My World Fantasy schedule

I'm about to enter radio silence, as I head out to Saratoga Springs for WFC in a few hours time. (Well, to be pedantic, we'll be driving to Dallas today to drop off Georgia with my folks, then flying from there in the still-dark hours before dawn tomorrow.) And as in previous years, everyone has been posting their convention schedules to their various and sundry blogs, sites, and journals, so I figure I'd follow suit.

My WFC Schedule
Wednesday-Monday: I'll be in the bar

Come by and see me, won't you?

Oh, if I could only afford to come and hang out at the bar with you. I miss Saratoga Springs and upstate NY dreadfully. And I miss beer.

The beer Fairy overlooked my birthday this year.

Have a good time.
you're showing up a day early, huh?
Wow, looks like you are on all the same panels as me! See you there (but not 'til Thursday, I'm still in New York).
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