Monday, October 15, 2007


A Mock Columnist

(via) Stephen Colbert, as "Stephen Colbert", guest-wrote Maureen Dowd's column in the NYT yesterday.

Anybody read his book yet? Allison and I flipped through it over the weekend, but lack the wherewithal at the moment to pick up a copy.

The book is amusing, although to appreciate it you really have to hear Colbert's voice in your head as you read.

As for currently lacking wherewithal, have you considered checking a copy out of the library?
That's actually a splendid suggestion, Michael. I fell out of the habit of visiting libraries years ago when my tendency to keep them past the return date got the best of me, and I racked up such hefty late fees that I couldn't afford to visit the library for years. But if I'm remembering correctly I sorted all that out years ago, but by that point had lost the habit, preferring instead to just pick books up used, so that I could read them at my leisure. I've been meaning to get back into the habit, though, wanting to introduce my daughter to the library, which I think she'd flip over. Thanks for the suggestion, I may just have to schedule a trip to the nearest branch!
Always happy to direct a person to their local library.

(signed, Michael A. Burstein, Trustee of the Public Library of Brookline, MA)
Agreed, Mr. Burstein -- without the image (mental or televised) of Colbert delivering the rhetoric, it's a whole 'nother reading experience. I find myself squirming a little when he veers too far to the right (the repeated jabs at homosexuals, the dismissal of all religions but Catholicism, etc.), because without his smirk and an audience full of laughing "heroes" who are in on the joke, it can be easy to forget that this is a parody. It's amazing; if you put this out with O'Reilly's name and photo on the cover, most people would think it was just another conservative how-to manual. It's the equivalent of covering a Weird Al Yankovic song.

Chris, if you can stomach even entering such places, Sam's Club has the book for $14 and change. I imagine other stores of that nature have it at a similar price point. Borders has it at 30% off cover. All of which is more expensive than the library, I grant you. But if you don't buy this book, then the terrorists have already won.
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