Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Celestial Empire checklist

A few people have asked for a list of all the Celestial Empire stories, and I've been derelict in putting one up on my website. I won't have a chance to put a proper page up for a while, but in the meantime here's the current list.

(listed in internal chronological order, rather than publication order; links to stories available online)
Fire in the Lake” – Subterranean Magazine, Fall 2007
“Thy Saffron Wings” – Postscripts (forthcoming)
"The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small" - Asimov's Science Fiction (July, 2007)
"O One" - Live Without a Net (Roc, June 2003)
“Metal Dragon Year” – Interzone #213
"Gold Mountain" - Poscripts #5 (and in Dozois’s 2006 YBSF)
“The Voyage of Night Shining White” – Novella from PS Publishing (and in Best Short Novels: 2007)
“Line of Dichotomy” - The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume 2 (forthcoming from Solaris, 2008; also available as chapbook)
"Red Hands, Black Hands" - Asimov's Science Fiction (December, 2004)
“All Under Heaven” - Firebirds Soaring (forthcoming from Firebird, 2008)
"Dragon King of the Eastern Sea" - We Think, Therefore We Are (forthcoming from DAW, 2008)


The Dragon's Nine Sons
(Solaris, 2008)
Three Unbroken (Solaris, 2009; serialized online 2007-2008)
Iron Jaw and Hummingbird (Viking, 2008)


Thanks for the post...I can try and track down some of the ones I've not read.

As to your other major series, there's a review of Set the Seas that I saw today

Another good review...congrats.
Hey, thanks, Howard! I hadn't seen that one yet.
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