Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Masked Justice

As I've mentioned before (and as all six readers of my novel Voices of Thunder will know), I've got a real weakness for the masked hero subgenre of adventure fiction: Zorro, the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, et cetera, et al.

This last year I've been extremely impressed with the new Lone Ranger series put out by Dynamite Entertainment, with scripts by Brett Matthews, interior art by Sergio Cariello and Dean White, and covers by John Cassaday. I recommend the inevitable trade paperback collection highly.

A few months ago it was announced that Dynamite would be adding a new Zorro series to their lineup, as well. And that Matt Wagner would be running the show, providing scripts and "art direction." Well, today sees a new interview with a few more details, and the first look at Wagner's take on the character.

Looks pretty good so far. I'm cautiously optimistic about the series. Wagner's Mage and Grendel were formative influences on me, and while I'd prefer to see him doing more personal work like that, if he's going to be servicing trademarks I'd rather see him do something like Zorro than more Batman work.

Cool...I'm not a huge comic fan, but do really enjoy Wagner's work (and he does do a pretty good Batman--I thought Trinity was done very well). Sounds like Zoro could be a lot of fun...

I might have to check out the Lone Ranger trade...that's a nice cover.
Oh...also, is there a way to find a copy of Voices of Thunder? Sounds like I should check it out.

Just read "O One" online and enjoyed it...
Dynamite's Lone Ranger may well be the best treatment the character's ever gotten, and certainly the best in years (the only other contender that springs to mind, actually, is the Lansdale and Truman comic version of a few years ago).

I've probably got a copy of Voices of Thunder I can spare. Email me offline at roberson@texas.net and we'll work it out.

And glad to hear you liked O One!
Didn't realize that Lansdale and Truman did a version...I may have to look for that...I've become a big Lansdale fan the last couple of years.
The Lansdale & Truman series was really well done. BTW, there was a small press novel, Champion of Justice by Fredric James (I got it via Amazon, and its available as an ebook) that was rather fun - here's the blurb: "About the Book
What if time travel to nearly identical parallel worlds were possible? What would happen if two lawmen pursued a deranged kidnapper into the Old West of 1872?

Forced to live by their wits, two Austin, Texas law officers are thrown back 130 years to begin a desperate search for a madman intent on being elected president. Drawn inexorably into events that will shape the future of a new nation, they suddenly learn their mission hinges on preventing a massacre at the Little Bighorn!" Naturally, one's Anglo and the other is Native American and they become a version of Lone Ranger & Tonto (together they fight crime). Hiyo, Lawsuit!
Thanks for the tip, Stu. Sounds like that book might be worth checking out, at that.
Six readers of Voices of Thunder?!? Who are the others?!? ;-)
I'm rounding up. It was probably closer to four. And I'm counting my parents and my wife.
BTW, is that you, Losier?
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