Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Stealer of Souls

Last month, I pointed to the first peek we've had of John Picacio's take on Elric, an interior illustration for the forthcoming collection of the first two novels in Michael Moorcock's signature series.

And a little while earlier I'd posted Picacio's cover to the forthcoming Moorcock collection, The Metatemporal Detective, which features another guise of the albino swordsman, Count Zodiac.

Well, today John has posted the final cover illustration for Stealer of Souls to his own blog. Want to see it?

Kick ass.

It's gorgeous. Might displace Whelan for me as the "definitive" Elric. Nor does modesty forbid me pointing out how well Metatemporal Detective and Stealer of Souls are going to compliment each other on the shelf.
"Gorgeous" does not even BEGIN to cover it.
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