Monday, August 06, 2007


Ongoing Lameness

I've been plagued by a weird, ill-defined illness the last few days, almost completely without symptoms except for a sore throat, one normal lymph node and one swollen like a shooting marble, and a general fuzzy-headedness. It's left me almost completely uninteresting, and vaguely complainy. Still, it's a good week for it, since all I've got on the schedule is a big pile of [REDACTED] novels and a few episodes of [REDACTED] to get through in the next few days, to get these pitches into shape. (And no, I probably needn't be so coy about what I'm working on, but where would the fun be in just coming out and saying what it was...?)

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little less complainy and fuzzy-headed, and can try being interesting again for a while...

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